How is Exponent different from other organizations?

A group of women came together, each of which is from complimentary functional areas across the finance community and has diverse networks, including membership in established women’s organizations.  Our mission is to serve as a networking and strong content organization that accelerates finding synergies and drives the momentum of women connecting to get deals done.  We’ve seen what is successful and what isn’t, and we will strive to make sure our events/experiences will we have an exponential effect for our attendees by emphasizing the exchange of information, ideas, and relationships.


Why did you form Exponent?

We see an opportunity to be the connective tissue that brings together what seems to be siloed women’s networking organizations, including those that are run within large financial firms, and double down on the community aspect so that the impact of relationship building can last well beyond a single meeting/point in time.  We believe in bringing the best people and the best content together for “exchanges”, including an annual marquee Exponent Exchange event in July, to amplify the efforts of sharing ideas and information.  


How do I join?

We are an attendance based-organization vs. a membership-based organization.  We anticipate that in the future we may have a membership-based platform and events that are “member-only” to provide our members with premier networking opportunities and access to proprietary content.


How many events are you hosting?

As it is our first year, we are focusing our efforts on our marquee Exponent Exchange event in July 2018.   However, we intend on bringing people together for smaller focused exchanges in the interim, and the best way to find out about them is to join our LinkedIn group and follow us on all social media channels. 


How do I get involved?

We are just launching and have big goals, but starting slowly and methodically.  Best way is to reach out to us directly at and follow us on social media.  We want to hear from you as this is an experience that we are building for the marketplace’s benefit!  We will be sending out periodic surveys to learn what our attendees are interested in learning about to advance their careers.  Make sure you attend all of the events that we host to best understand where you’d like to contribute.