5 Hiring Trends in Private Equity

Mergers & Acquisitions | September 2019

The modern private equity industry, dating to the founding of KKR & Co. (NYSE: KKR) in 1976, has entered its fifth decade. Founder-cousins Henry Kravis and George Roberts have reached their mid-70s and have designated heirs apparent. Across the industry similar stories play out as baby-boomer founders who built firms into multi-billion-dollar fund managers begin handing the reins to a new generation. Signs of this handover abound

Exponent Women is one of the organizations hosting events devoted to drawing women, minorities and veterans into corporate finance. Click below to read more

Knowing When and How (As Women) to Jump Into Investable Technology

Tracy Leigh Hazzard, Inc.com | September 2019

As I venture more into the world of blockchain, and investable technologies, I find myself participating in fascinating and energizing conferences. The most recent panel I was thrilled to be a part of, Exponent Explore: The Pulse on Blockchain, Cannabis, and ESG, was put on by an original organization called Exponent Women. The Exponent Women Conference covered a broad range of innovation investment topics. Click below to read more

Exponent Exchange brings together 200 women dealmakers
for second annual event

Mergers & Acquisitions | July 2019

“There is this idea in sociology: You've got to see it to be it,” said NBC News correspondent Stephanie Ruhle about the importance of building communities of women in the financial services sector, where they are woefully underrepresented. She spoke at the second annual Exponent Exchange, hosted by Exponent Women, a group devoted to nurturing the financial services careers of its female members. “When you enter any sort of room, when you see people who look like you, and sound like you, sometimes you think, ‘I could be really good at this.'" Click below to read more

Meet the 2019 Most Influential Women in Mid-Market M&A

Mary Kathleen Flynn | December 19 2018

Mergers & Acquisitions has named 36 leaders the 2019 Most Influential Women in Mid-Market M&A. All are outstanding dealmakers both inside and outside of their firms. Exponent Women is happy to announce that 4 of their founders are among the leaders.

Photography by Diana Fabricante

Photography by Diana Fabricante

"Exponent, a new group of women dealmakers, brought together 200 women from private equity funds, investment banks, entrepreneurs and advisors for the Exponent Exchange, featuring Sallie Krawcheck as the keynote speaker. Previously the CEO of Wall Streetbanks, including Merrill Lynch Wealth Management and Citi Private Bank, Krawcheck serves as the CEO of Ellevest, an online investing platform for women..."



"The number of resources designed for women dealmakers is growing rapidly. Among the recent initiatives are a new funding program aimed at female-led companies and a new networking group for women dealmakers. Exponent, which launched at the end of 2017, was co-founded by a wide array of women executives who work on deals..."